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               1、文化個性 是設計之本  

              Cultural individuality is the foundation of design




              Culture is the soul of the design, the cultural spirit of space is the highest realm of design. Individuality is the  characteristics, people are attracted by the characteristic space and the resulting sense of identity is where the great value of space design lies. RS always adhere to the cultural individuality space. In the day of information cultural globalization, we are keen to capture the refined culture core, creatively interpret the unique cultural connotation and characteristics of each space.


              2、創新突破 堅持原創 拒絕平庸  

              Innovate and breakthrough, adhere to the original, reject mediocrity




              Innovation and breakthrough is our duty, we advocate innovation and reject mediocrity. We will incorporate both distant and mysterious oriental civilization and world pluralistic culture, inherit and sublimate with modern interpretation.  Our team love life and fully absorb the latest design concepts and fashion information from around the world every day.


              3、專業團隊 精細管理

              Professional team, fine management




              Design is high professional, which requires the designer has great artistic accomplishment and design experience. RS team will subdivide its profession, with each attending to its own duties. The company is equipped with management team of rich experience, each project is in the charge of a specially-assigned person, who supervise and control the project, strictly implement the standard management process and quality system, ensuring our extraordinary creative design to be perfectly present.The company give full play to the design team's artistic talent and rich experience, create their own unique smart space for each customer.


              4、客戶至上 創造價值

              Customers first, create value




              Adhering to the principle of customers first, RS discovers and promotes the potential value of projects heart and soul. Each project is charged by the director himself, who strictly controls the quality of project. For the pursuit of the customer’s best investment value returns, reduce investment cost effectively, adhere to the "design integration" concept, realize the integration of building and interior design, and provide one-stop integrated solution of hard and soft decoration.